Conflict Of Interest

Young N Reckless is a hip hop group and production company that wants to tear down the veil and reveal the systemic corruption inherent in industry and politics. Their upcoming album will contain sensitive classified information that they hope to…



With a light and airy feel, Angelina’s “Timeless” feels like an instant classic. Vocals are sung straight from the heart with a tender, lovely delivery. By far the highlight of the album Angelina’s voice is downright heavenly. Stripping the arrangements…


Angelina is yet another talented and forward-thinking artist to join the Young N Reckless Music family.

The lead single to her upcoming EP is a track called "Summertime". The song is built on two core elements: the groovy strummed…


In God We Trust 

In God We Trust is a powerful and dynamic song off the critically acclaimed project “First Come First Served” Young N Reckless use a revolutionary and unique approach to attract the attention of the masses. The group drives home the…

Ladies And Gentlemen 

Ladies And Gentlemen 
Music has always been the force that has the power to transform moods, bring together people of all walks of life, cultures, political ideologies and race. It’s always been the one form of communication that has the…

Young N Respect Music

Music artists in today’s day and age face a lot of different problems. Within the music industry, many artists are not getting paid for the music that they create because of all of the digital technology that is available today. …

Smoke N Mirrors 


Earlier this past weekend, a Young N Reckless Music artist, Mad Hat, debuted his latest single,‘Smoke N Mirrors.’ Lots of interesting…

Young N Reckless Vs Everybody

Young N Reckless Vs Everybody
Hip-Hop started as a formidable culture that presented a kind of ground breaking music with self-expression that contain elements of graffiti and break dancing as popular aspects that first caught the eye of public attention.…

Double Or Nothing

Double or Nothing
Double or Nothing is a driven hip-hop act whose music showcases a very refreshing old school feel, echoing the work of influential performers the likes of Wu-tang Clan or Biggie Smalls, to name a few.
Their latest…

Public Enemies 

Young N Reckless

When it comes to art, the only thing that truly makes a difference is taking your chances. Defy conventions, break barriers and get as far as you can to share your message. Through the latest technology and…

New Music

New Music Can Be Considered Young N Reckless Music
The Young N Reckless record label has been releasing a lot of new music that is revolutionizing the sound of  Hip Hop and R&B. New artists are emerging and the record…